Hello! 👋🏾

I am Jessica.

Welcome to my portfolio website.


Venmo Routes

Flask (Python), SQL

This is a simple Venmo-style payment backend model. The model comprises a database of all users on the platform, and allows for transactions such as transferring and requesting funds (to which receivers have the option to accept or decline).



HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Drum-kit is a webpage that I designed to give the experience of playing an actual drum. The drum can be played either by clicking on the various keys, or by pressing them on the keyboard.


Dice Game

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This game makes use of the refresh feature on browsers to present the virtual version of the Dice game. Each time the webpage is refreshed, we are presented with a new winner.



HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Tindog is a website I created to mimic the Tinder website. This time instead of helping humans find love, the website matches dogs with their soulmates!